This is a really exciting adventure for those with little or no experience at all. Peak climbing is one of the best adventure activities you can do in Nepal. Nepal being a mountainous country has plenty to offer with numerous and varieties of peaks that are well suited for climbing by the ones who wish to go to the high altitudes and see majestic sceneries across the Himalayas through their own eyes. In short for hobby climbers this might just be the perfect choice ever.

We offer Peak climbing in popular trekking destination with relatively easy access to the mountains. Most of these trips can be completed within a short period of time. For instance Naya Khang in the Langtang valley can be completed in less than twenty days with plenty of time allocated for acclimatization. Whereas on the Pisang & Chulu trip, you can reach back to summits under one month with an itinerary that also takes you on the famous Annapurna Circuit trek. While other famous peak climbing trips are Mera Peak in the remote Hinku Valley, Island Peak, Khongma-tse, and Lobuche peaks near the Everest Base Camp area, all of which fall under the Everest region.

There are list of peaks available for summit that are graded for further convenience of the summiteers. The height of the peaks range from 5000-6000 above peaks which are relatively easier to climb and do not require much hard work or facing the extremes while ensuring availability of the easier means to accommodate throughout the trip. Some major climbing peaks of Nepal are Mera, Island (Imja), Lobuche, Chulu East & West, Dhumpus, Yala, Pisang etc.

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Best Seasons:Mar, Apr, May, Sep, Oct, Nov
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    Yala Peak

    Peak Climbing, Mountain, Snow & Ice

    Yala Peak is beautiful trekking peak of Nepal which lies in Langtang area. The height of Yala Peak is 5,700 meters/ 18,700 ft. Nepal Mountaineering Association has considered Yala Peak…

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